Day Twenty-Five

My bug from the last post ended up being pretty gnarly. It was definitely not a 24 hour thing, lasting closer to 72. I managed to have a brief period to purchase the art prints, I ended up getting all 5, and a short trip to the post office. The lady behind the counter looked at me blankly when I advised I’d like to send the post card and poster tube to New Zealand. Almost as if she’d never heard of the place.

Eventually, she gestured to the post card, affixed some stamps on it, and said to dump it in the orange box outside, but she kept waving away the poster tube. I decided to hold onto it until Munich so I could speak real English with someone to explain. The “orange box” outside ended up being around 10 different orange boxes, of which all had different Czech writing on them, obviously labelling different places/services. I held onto that, too, for hostel reception to post for me.

On day twenty four, I had to check out of Hostel Ahoy and had a 10am bus to Munich from Prague. That wasn’t sitting well with my stomach, though, so I booked a hotel room for another night in Prague to curl up and die in my own space, and cancelled my bus (full refund!)

I waited at the hostel after checkout at 11am, as the hotel didn’t allow check in until 3pm and I thought I’d need to stay close to a bathroom. Turns out, I didn’t use it once, and so hiked off in search of my hotel at 2.30.

I arrive, only to be informed by the receptionist that my booking is for tomorrow night, and they’re fully booked. Bugger. Sleep deprived, ill-me booked the wrong day. Not even sure how that happened. I use their lobby to sit down and take a look at everything. Having still been okay without a bathroom, I decide to risk it and just get on a bus later in the day. 

I arrive in Munich at 10.30pm, the sun is still giving enough light that it’s not pitch black in the night, and I check in.

I promptly use the bathroom (oh dear) and then fall asleep after a bucket of water.

I decide to take Sunday easy, and spend the day in the common room. It feels like a hotel lobby and not really a place to meet other travellers, but I strike up a conversation with a guy due to his kiwi plush toy in his backpack, thinking he’d be from NZ – an American. He shows me to the beer hall near Marienplatz for dinner where I have the most delicious chicken of my life (because I hadn’t eaten real food in 3 days or because it was really that good, we will never know), and apple juice. The hall is huge, mostly communal, and full of a loud band playing traditional music. Every 5th song is a short tune to raise your mug to. Prost!

Here’s Marienplatz.

I have little photos for this post, because I didn’t get out much these two days. I’d say I’m sorry but really you should be sorry for me that I was so ill. Hah.




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