Day Twenty-Three

Today, I am ill. Very, very, horribly ill. I’m assuming it’s a 24 hour bug of some sort, considering I didn’t sleep at all last night mostly out of fear of vomiting in my sleep, and then managed a few 2 or 3 hour naps this morning.

I had a shower immediately after vomiting this morning, as the time between vomits were getting longer and longer, and a refresh was definitely something I needed.

I then gave it half an hour, and braved a trip to the grocery store for some bread, salted chips, and lemonade. Starving as I was, a good sign.

I made it there and back without incident, but immediately stepped into the bathroom for a quick catch up on the evacuations. It’s now been 40minutes since I laid down, watched some netflix, and consumed a portion of chips and some slices of bread. My stomach is rumbling but I’m sure it’s the digestion.

Tomorrow I catch a bus to Munich, so I’m really hoping this passes tonight, considering how travel sick I can get.

On my first night in Prague, I went out for dinner to a vegetarian restaurant with a roommate purely because the reviews were amazing. “Clear Head” turned out to be excellent, we got a 2 person platter so we could try a bunch of things. I then ordered a hot chocolate for dessert and whaddaya know, they served me quite literally a espresso mug of melted chocolate. It was delicious, though.

On day twenty-one, my roomate took me out to Old Town Square with the astronomical clock, Prague Castle, and St. Vitus Cathedral. The clock is currently going under renovations, and honestly the castle was a bit bland compared to so many others I’ve seen lately! But St. Vitus Cathedral was more than I could have imagined.

I never realised just how large it was, on the inside it goes all the way to the top, no levels or anything in the main hall.

People are, on average, about as tall as the white structure in the middle. You can see a gate leading into it. Look how huge this hall is! It was breathtaking. 

What made the day great, though, was braving 1,000,000 stairs to the top of the Great South Tower in the cathedral. A seperate ticket, just something we decided we wanted to do, and thank Apollo we did. At the top, I had to sit, my thighs burning like I’d done 1000 squats. There are actually just over 280 steps, winding up a circular tower to this view.

As soon as I stepped out onto the balcony, the pain in my legs disappeared. Looking down at Prague I felt like a King.

We were in the windows at the top, right before the blue/green roof starts.

From there, we wandered around the castle some, and then started heading back to the hostel, stopping for lunch and some sights on the way.

Yesterday, I slept in a little, and decided on an art history tour day. I made my way to the Mucha Museum, where I was not allowed to take photos. The works were incredible, and I discovered my favourite piece, a poster for a play.

Unfortunately, in the gift shop, it would appear it is not very popular and you can only buy a poster. Not like some of the others that have magnets or cards or bookmarks. I do not trust my ability to keep a poster safe for the next 3 weeks.

I also discovered my favourite series he did, The Moon and The Stars, with my favourite of the pieces being The Moon. (The end one.)

The Moon was on plenty of memorabilia, so I bought a bookmark/magnet, hoping I can affix it to my fridge.

Today’s plan was to go back and find out how much it would cost to post the prints back home in a tube, as I found out a post shop is across the road from the museum. I’m really hoping I’m up for the journey soon.

I continued my art tour on to another museum which was also showing Mucha works, but also had Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol exhibits.

I felt very cultured walking through all the artwork.

My favourite piece, I think, was this. The Horse of Caligula. I really couldn’t say why. There were elephants with Dali’s notoriously long misshapen legs, and images based on the mythology I love in Greek and Roman culture. This one, however, just made me laugh.

I then continued on to a wax museum. When I went in, you go down to a basement level with narrow halls, and the certain feeling that something in there is meant to frighten you.

So, pansy little me went back up the stairs and waited about 10 minutes for someone else to buy tickets so I could go in after them.

There was mostly Czech historical figures, and then a few I recognised, and then a very small room that had some famous movie stars also. The likes of Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Tom Cruise.

Pretty sure they even got his weird teeth right.

This one was pretty satisfying, I imagine he’s on display locked in a chamber on purpose.

So, it’s officially been over an hour without any negative effects from my journey with the bland food. I think it’s time to venture down to the Mucha Museum again, see how much it costs for postage, and for each print. Wish me luck.

Kind regards,



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