Day Nineteen

Today has been a lazy day. A lazy AF day.

I did say to myself before I left NZ that I will have to take time out sometimes. You can’t expect to go exploring every day for 6 weeks and not burn out.

Yesterday, I slept in. It was great to be in a hotel and not get rustled by other guests in my dorm. What wasn’t so great was missing hotel breakfast. I was hoping to have a chill out day, but the size of the dinner I ate the night before left a gaping hole in my stomach, so I went off in search of food.

It just so happens to be a long weekend in Vienna, so what I thought was shops being closed because it’s Sunday turned out to be closed for the whole weekend. Which means today (Monday) as well. 

I finally find somewhere that’s open, only for it to be a dessert shop. Apple strudel for breakfast it is, and it’s delicious. A mug of tea to go with it, and then some gelato in a waffle cone when I wander off.

Having some food lifted my spirits a bit, and I figured since I was already out it was a good idea to stay out. I grabbed a ticket on a hop on/hop off tour and did a loop of the circuit to see some things from the top deck.

From there, I got off at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, after seeing a girl start following me on instagram and a few of her posts were from there. (The one on the left is the museum I visited.)

The things inside were amazing, I was more or less awed by this one – and very happy that I went out. There was a range of things to look at: table centerpieces, tableware, statues, sculptures, dolls, paintings, embroidery, cameos, the list goes on.

There was a Greek and Roman section, which was a little boring compared to actually being in Greece and Rome, but hey, that’s just me being spoiled.

I spent 2 hours wandering around what I believe to be 3 or so exhibits. I rounded a corner and dove straight into ancient Egpyt.

This big thing gave me the creeps. I’m not sure if I’ve discussed this with you, avid readers, but I studied Ancient History at Auckland University and walked out of my third Egyptian studies class never to be seen again. Something about it gave me prickles all over, and not let’s go investigate kind of prickles. I’m not too swayed by other-worldy beliefs, but I’m a huge believer in my Gut. Sometimes it reacts in unexpected ways, and I can’t say when it’s vehemently been against something that it’s been wrong.

I totally conquered my unwarranted fear by getting out of the museum within 10 minutes. I snapped a few photos so I didn’t look nuts but I’m feeling bad juju if I post them so let’s leave them in the bowels of my phone memory.

The tour bus took us past a Thai massage parlour that had an open sign, and I got off to book an appointment. My shoulder was giving me some grief and travelling in and out of airports, trains, and waiting areas, combined with terrible mattresses, was doing my back and neck in. I had 2 and a half hours to kill, so figured it was time for a large, late lunch to tide me over dinner as well. I got the Shwarma at Hungry Eats, or some similar name which prides itself on being a street food extroadinaire.

Oh my god it was so good. So, so good. Also, see my little kindle poking in the side? That thing is a godsend. I love it.

I killed as much time as possible in the high turnover place without starting to feel weird, and decided sitting elsewhere would be best for the last hour of my wait.

I went to a gelato place, as the shwarma was very, very filling, and saw people sitting and chatting with coffees so figured I could kill some time there.

Kill time I did, mildly fearing for my wellbeing, and messaging Romeo profusely throughout the whole ordeal.

I was sitting by myself, and the place was VERY busy, so I didn’t think twice when a guy asked to share my table. I was reading, and had ordered, so sat back and lifted my kindle.

This guy starts making small-talk, after asking if I can speak English. It starts with small chatter, talking about how he speaks a few languages but doesn’t get to use English so often so it’s cool to be able to exercise it. I smile and nod. This guy can’t be any older than 30, I assume. He tells me he moved to Vienna from Cuba and has been here a few years, and that my eyes are really beautiful.

I’m sorry what?

I wave off the compliment and start ignoring most of what he’s saying, picking up my phone and looking through my online list for anyone I can chat to. Romeo is the unlucky one who has to stay up (I believe it was about 3am NZT) to keep me calm.

The guy leans in close, and tells me he has “so many feelings for me”. I abruptly say that’s not possible, he’s just sat down and doesn’t know me. He interrupts asking if I have feelings for him, and I say no, I don’t know who you are, and have feelings for my boyfriend. He looks at me sideways and asks how long we’ve been together, 4 years. At this point, I’ve finished wolfing down my gelato so I can pay for it and run away, and I signal the waiter for the bill. As I’m paying the waiter, the guy gets up as if to leave, but leaves some things on the table and stands by the only entrance just staring out. I decide leaving isn’t a great idea, staying here where there were plenty of people was best. I snuck a photo of the guy to Romeo and tell him where I am, and sneak off to the bathroom to wait in terror.

It’s 5.00pm and my massage appointment is at 5.30, which is only a block away. I decide I’d gap it there and wait. Informing Romeo of my plan, and that I want to keep my eyes up and hands free, I won’t be messaging him while I walk. It’s an uneventful powerwalk to the parlour, I don’t see any sign of Mr. Creep and his stuff was gone from the table when I snuck out of the bathroom. Thanking Romeo, I go upstairs for a pounding massage, and rush back to my hotel.

I haven’t left since. Today has been a day in bed. Mr. Creep was probably harmless, considering he gave up, but still creepy nontheless. I haven’t 100% liked this place since I got here, so I’m glad to use it as an excuse to just spend all day in bed. Also, it’s kinda hard to do that in hostels and my next hotel isn’t until Belgium, 4 stops away.

So today, I’ve been chatting with Pete, watching Netflix, and snoozing. A true holiday type day. I feel so lazy, but lazy feels so good.




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