Day Six

My first tour day. 

I kind of went a bit crazy when I was booking this trip, and booked a few tours – like an actual real life tourist on a tour bus tours – today we head to Pompei via way of Napoli.

I have no real interest in Napoli, but it’s the major city you go through to see Pompei from Roma, and the day trip tours tended to stop there anyway so I just picked one.

The tour came with hotel pickup/dropoff. When I booked the tour, it did not ask for my accomodation details, which I thought would happen in a follow up email. Turns out I have to call them to let them know, the voucher said call 24 hours beforehand, so yesterday (Sunday) I attempt to call.

A prerecorded message all in Italian. It’s a tour company that offers English guides, though, so I wait to see if it repeats everything in English. It does, only to tell me that they’re closed on Sundays. Well, that’s handy for a Monday morning 7.30am start tour. Oh, and they open at 8am.

I query with my hostel receptionist Sarah, and she follows up with an email address to try, so I send a detailed email hoping to just get one reply confirmation rather than a back and forth on a Sunday, and go about my day.

They end up coming back saying yes, they confirm they’ll pick me up outside my hostel at 6.30am. Joy.

So, I’m up and waiting outside the hostel doors at 6.28am. And 6.30, 6.35, suddenly it’s 6.45am and I’m wondering how long I wait before giving up on the whole ordeal and start demanding refunds. The bus shows up at 6.48 which stalls that idea, and we’re off.

We head South on the highway, and stop briefly at a snack bar for breakfast. We carry on further, and stop again. This time for Lunch at a restaurant booked by the tour company specifically. We get a three course meal, choice of either fish or meat. I choose the meat and get a VERY tomato-y pasta dish, a very thin (schnitzel almost?) Slice of steak with thin cut fried potatoes, and tiramisu. The pasta itself wasn’t half-bad, and everything else had really good flavours at least. Finally, though, we are on the road to Pompei.

We drove into Pompei and immediately went to a cameo workshop where they show you how they make cameo jewellery from seashells. We’re invited downstairs to look at the gallery and shop, and find that even tiny ones are €300 at least. Woojeez. I carried on looking elsewhere and found awesome, awesome statues that I wish I had room in my bag for, and looking back should have just bought one and figured ot out.

Everything is as I studied it, lordy I’m in heaven. They say don’t meet your idols in person but here I am in Pompei and everything is amazing. I got some great photos which had no people in them (thank timing and angles for that one) and it looks like I’ve been exploring alone, without the hint of another tourist.

I’m looking forward to curating the best photos for a family viewing I know they’ll want to have, and then honing down even further my favourite ones to share with ADHD friends.




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