Day Seven

I really wanted to do nothing today. Really, really, really badly. My feet are tired from walking, it’s been a while since I really rested and put them up. However, at this point I had already decided that Wednesday would be my rest day this week (calculating Trump being in the city, laundry day, and the fact that I had two more tours booked, both for Thursday/Friday, so wanted to have rested feet for that.)

So I buy a last minute ticket to the Villa Borghese which is supposed to just be totally gorgeous. It’s so popular that they have specific times for viewings and that includes a kick-out time.

I also need, in my bones, to see the Ara Pacis before I go. A beautiful monument that has been gorgeously reconstructed and refitted from all the pieces they can find that were once scattered around the globe in different collections.

So, the Ara Pacis first as the time slot I found available for the Villa Borghese was in the afternoon. 

I mean, look at this gorgeous thing. It was so quiet in its little glass house which protects it from the elements at a perfectly stable, constant temperature and humidity. The Altar of Augustan Peace.

I was the only youngun in there. Well, I was by myself to start. Everyone who followed was greying or completely written off, hair wise. Damn you, scholarship classical studies, teaching me these uncool things that I now HAVE to visit. The amount of blank stares from others who asked what I got up to that day… I’m sorry the Arrow Who Now?

The Villa Borghese was a longer walk than anticipated, mostly because of hills. Once there, my bag was checked in, and I waited outside for our calling card time.

The roof in the main room was just gigantic. Look at this eccentric piece of art. On a roof! Around the first floor of the Villa are a lot of statues, with the second floor being mostly paintings. A LOT of the second floor were depictions of Christ, which I quickly made my escape from.

People go on and on about the beauty in this museum, and I did find a number of items I wouldn’t have known were in there to see, but in my two hour allocated spot I was bored within 20 minutes and stretched it out to 30 so I didn’t look as ridiculous as I felt leaving so soon.

Once home, I put my feet up and got ready for the upcoming tours.




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