Travel Time

This is the section of roof of Hong Kong airport from my little corner I’ve claimed. I really noticed it because I’m currently lying on my back on the floor to get some kinks out and reset it all good.

The first leg to Sydney was awful. I was flying Qantas, and there was nothing WRONG except I remember international travel being cosier. Heck, it’s never pleasant, but I’m pretty sure the seats on the 3 hour flights are smaller than the long-haul. It makes sense, but it was hell. I’m a lot bigger than the last time I travelled internationally, too.

The second leg wasn’t anywhere near as bad. I regret not watching more entertainment to Sydney, as my airline switched and I had a new selection. The new selection isn’t very good, but my neck got a kink from reading too much so I ended up attempting to nap. This didn’t go so well, unsurprising as I’ve never slept in planes. I’m hoping I will be so exhausted on the last flight that I can.

I considered buying a neck pillow. Mum suggested it before I went through security back home, but my head felt like it would just slip off the material of the ones available and it ends up being just another thing to carry so we didn’t go that route. Then with how incredibly uncomfortable I was on the AKL-SYD flight, I looked around Sydney airport but the cheapest I could find was $50AUD and that’s just nuts. Discovered the headrests are fully adjustable in the plane anyway so more or less sorted, not as malleable but still. They’re only $138HKD here but now I just can’t be bothered.

So here I am, lying on the floor of Hong Kong airport like a nerd. Thanking the lord that I wore leggings under my jeans so I can take them off, wishing I’d bought slippers to change into on the flight but also not wanting to punish anyone with removing my sneakers.

P.S. They have a smoking room here. Just a room, inside the airport, dedicated to smoking. I understand it, but it’s just a cigarette hotbox. So gross.





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