Flatlay Daze

With 17 days to go, you can bet that my list of items to pack is near complete.

With only a few little bitty bits and bobs like earplugs and new mascara still to pick up, I thought a flatlay could be fun.

My colour of choice is blue. Mostly because it’s an easy favourite. Not red.

First, my bag. It’s red. Yeah I know. I bought this bag a number of years ago when I backpacked Thailand. The size was perfect for carry on, and the colour options were black or red. Between those two, when you’re worried about safety and visibility, you do not pick black.

My favourite, awesome, most happy-to-buy-to-qualify-for-free-shipping piece is my watermelon toiletries bag. Along with this packed into the main bag is 2x sizes of quick dry towels, 2x combination locks, and a power adapter.

Only two pairs of shoes are making it on this trip. Super-supportive Puma sneakers which will be on my feet in the plane, and the most comfortable sandals I’ve owned due to their slight heel and support, my Hush Puppies.

Jeans to wear on the plane, because no matter where you are travelling a good pair of jeans is always a good idea. On the right, a lightweight casual cigarette-trouser style pant, and 2xshorts in the middle – one in black canvas, and the other in blue demin/cotton blend.

Tops! To go with the bottoms, of course. Bottom left, another leftover from my Thai travels, a black Kathmandu quick-dry long-sleeve V-neck that has served me very well. Bottom right is a replacement for a cardigan / cover up, a 100% cotton button up shirt. The best score of my preparation shop is at the top, three identical V-neck t-shirts in 2 shades of grey, and striped. Exactly the three shirts I was looking for.

Here is my LBD which every wardrobe needs, an awesome score from Huffer which can be casual for a beach day or dressed up a little for an evening excursion. At the top, my new favourite knit jumper to throw over everything, also accompanying me on-body on the plane. Pictured also is my bikini, my sarong which I have adored for years which will be thrown in my daybag always for a cover up if the sun gets hot, and my spotted Pure Sunrise pole shorts for replacement board shorts, and just in case I come across a studio for a quick training session.

Last up, my daily bag. I made this bag myself a few years ago when I couldn’t find something exactly like I wanted. It’s lined with really sturdy fabric (think curtains) and has my little NSPF badge affixed. I wonder now if this will be taken off me at airport security. Packed will be my passport (and tickets), kindle, phone (in Lifeproof case, and headphones), wallet, Lacoste sunglasses, watermelon purse (for painkillers etc), and the selfie stick Mum got me.

Not pictured is Sarah’s windbreaker she’s letting me borrow for the trip, and the obvious underwear/socks combos.

Anything you think I’m missing?




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