Next Month Niggles

Now that it’s officially April, I can finally say it. I’m going to Europe next month.

It’s not quite in a month, as I leave mid-May, but to heck with all that as I start running around screaming.

I’ve been picking up a few additional bits here and there, trying to pad the elusive travel/capsule wardrobe (elusive because I keep adding more and more items to it), and have come to the illuminating conclusion that I hate shorts.

I went shopping with my dearest Janneke in the first weekend of March, dragging her along through every store that may sell shorts. I thought it would be an excellent time for the hunt, as we near the end of summer and all the leftovers go on sale while they prepare the roll through to Autumn. Alas, 3xperfect pairs of shorts were forfeited due to sizing issues, and the rest were skanky undies or “mom shorts”.

Overall, the shopping trip was successful, with the acquisition of 3 identical new v-necks except for colour, a dress up/dress down little black dress, a sweater in the colour scheme I’m after, and some new jeans. I also bought a pair of “okay-ish” canvas shorts that serve my purpose but really I hate them, for “just in case”

I decided I’d just make the shorts I want. I could buy the black flowy fabric I knew I really wanted, and make a wraparound skirt for a cover up that I could keep in my bag, too. It seemed a great idea.

Then I thought about the lightweight pants and shirt I still wanted to buy, and a couple other odds and ends still needed. Realising another shopping trip was in the works, plus an upcoming showcase at my pole studio, and selling my car on top of that, I wasn’t sure about making these shorts anymore.

I ventured out again, this time dragging along ever-helpful Elanor. We went to Kmart (my fave) where I found the perfect, exact pants I’d been hoping to find, and a nude tshirt bra in my size! And then no luck was found at The Warehouse in our continued shorts hunt, Farmers, City Chic, Cotton On, Mirrou, all bust as well. Only a last ditch effort (over our allocated time, I might add) forwarded us to Glassons “just to check.”

2x denim shorts, the right “mini” length (no butt hanging, but still above the knee), in my size. One in black, and one in blue. Together for $30. They’re not the flouncy, summery, airy things I’d had my heart set on. But they are cheap, practical, won’t do that “gape open at the crotch when you sit down” thing that flouncy shorts do, and I don’t have to make them.

Soon, I’ll post a fabulous flatlay of all my items and it will look glorious (I’m picturing a white background and perfect folding, which will never happen). After, I’ll go to Europe.

The only thing now is sorting out cloud storage.




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