Loot Crate – March 2017

Beware of PRIMAL things.

This month enticed us back into the world of ordering Loot Crate. With the theme came some notable characters that made us go “eh, it’s been a while.”

I can already see perforated edges across the box, that means BUILDABOX.

Woah what’s the first thing YOU see? Cool Mr. Logan over there looking pretty sweet. Notice they haven’t used Q-fig either, which is interesting. This was harder to pick up than expected, then looking at the label I see it’s metal die-cast! That’s pretty cool. Pretty happy with this funky thing.

A Primal Rage tshirt. Pete is pretty happy with this, and reckons he will wear it to work tomorrow haha.

I DON’T KNOW WHERE I’M GOING TO PUT THIS BUT IT’S GOING SOMEWHERE. I’m so happy with this, it’s so cute. So great. Nostalgia sets in.

I like Alien more than predator, and Pete and I don’t drink, but this is really funky. It’s really well made as well. Feels sturdy and good.

And, of course, the badge.

All and all its a pretty sure box. Looking forward to April’s box!




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