Spring Getaway

Less than 100 days to go! As of right now, it is actually 98days 20hours 46minutes until we’re wheels up, to be precise.

I have slowly started accumulating the bits and pieces needed for a trip, and adding more cemented plans.

What will probably be the last pre-booked items have been locked in. Flights from Rome to Crete via Athens have been booked, also my first run-in with Aegean Airlines occured. Their customer service was fantastic, as I bought tickets and never got the confirmation email. A quick 2 minutes on the phone was all the Greek lady with English better than mine needed, as embarrassingly the line cut out as I ran out of credit (yay, international calls), to forward me my booking email. I have booked a private room 2 streets back from the waterfront in an attempt to spoil myself in accomodation as I wanted to do at least once.

From there, the 31st of May, I am a free spirit. A bird on the wind. The type to rock up to the airport and see where the cheapest flights take me. Montenegro, Croatia, all the way up to Prague, even. The next planned event being the Blink 182 concert in Rotterdam, 40 minutes away from Amsterdam where I fly out of 2 days later.

It’s all coming up Alex.

As well as these terribly exciting plans, accumulation of things has started. A friend who has spent 2x6month stints in the UK/Europe in the last 2 years has lent me her adaptor. Another friend (who happens to be the first’s bestie) got a small crack in her Kindle and had it replaced, so sold it to me on the cheap for the long plane/train rides ahead. I’m already utilising it, having now read 1.5 books since Thursday. I forget how much I love reading when I don’t have easy access.

Research has also begun, to better prepare my packing for capsule wardrobe functionality. I now have a list of the clothes I need to go out and hunt down.

And, of course, the last round of saving. Those precious few months where you’ve been working incredibly hard, but now you’re freaking out and probably need to double down on how little time you already spend going out. Thinking you probably could stretch to save at least half more, maybe. In a couple of weeks I am heading to Wellington for a Hens Weekend, and we have been given our budget for that. Once that is done, there is a service and subsequent warrant required for my car, and one last huzzah probably being the Pop-Up Globe which is almost in season and happens to be playing my favourite play Much Ado About Nothing (A comedy by Shakespeare) before near everything goes into savings. How much do I really need to spend per week anyway?

Wish me luck.




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