Shame on you, Shoulder

There’s a point you reach in extended injury recovery where you wonder if you’re not just making it up. If your brain is just playing some sick mind game, or if you’re used to the pain so it just keeps telling you it’s there.

Of course, they say if you can question if you’re being crazy then you’re not crazy. But surely this pain is actually just a phantom pain now, surely that far behind injury is not still causing all this trouble. You start googling Hypochondria to see if you’re actually nuts, but you can’t really be because you’re questioning it.

I have a specialist appointment booked for the 23rd, next Monday, with an orthopedic surgeon. He will assess if I’m actually feeling something really there, or just going crazy. The most likely outcome is a booking for an MRI.

I’m not crazy, though. It’s got to be real.


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