Plane and Simple

Over the week, there has been a Brain Think.

What is a Brain Think, you might ask. Let me tell you. A Brain Think is what happens when you’re walking to your car after work, and kidnap your colleague to stand and talk outside your car for an hour about your travel dilemmas as outlined in Emotional Baggage, and then miraculously come up with a solution. Thanks, Rahul.

All this while, I have been organising my trip around the fact that I was flying in and out of Amsterdam. Naturally, my travels were to start in Amsterdam – as that’s where I was first touching down, and that just made sense – right?

From there, it was making my way down Eastern Europe, skipping countries or not as I see fit – but all with the plan to be in Rome at least a week before I had to be back in Amsterdam. Rome is the main focus, 3 of the top 7 things I want to do are based in Rome, so of course I want to allow a decent amount of time there and also book some things in advance. This was becoming a worry because what if I hadn’t made it to Rome by the time I needed to be there – and led me into thinking maybe I should pre-book the whole trip, but that was the opposite of the wandering I wanted to do.


Brain Think: Put Rome at the start of the trip. Why this didn’t occur to me before, I have no idea. All through the previous planning, I was always going to end in Rome and fly back to Amsterdam. Why not fly to Rome from Amsterdam and start my trip there?

And from this Brain Think, everything fell into place. I was concerned about what I was going to do on my birthday, being so early in the trip and not wanting to plan these things “what if I was just riding in a train?”. Now, I’m booking the Colosseum tour to be on my birthday (thanks Mum and Dad). Weather wise – it’ll be Spring, this means that I start South where it’s warmer and follow the warmth up the continent rather than staying in the cold and suddenly finding myself in the heat of summer moving South. And, with Rome booked, I can follow my wandering wishy-washy heart wherever it wants to go afterwards. Should I find myself a week out from flying home and I haven’t yet got to Neuschwanstein Castle – well I can hop skip jump onto a plane to Germany and pop in to see it before heading back to Amsterdam.

All of sudden, a weight has lifted. Pre-booking the first 10 days and cruising from there is my calling.

Now, off to booking.




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