Loot Crate – November 2016

Isn’t it all just so MAGICAL!?

On the back of Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts, it was only natural to expect this theme. And whaddayaknow, they’re also featured!

Our box came a little late. Technically it was within the timeframe expected (especially during the December mail nightmare) but we don’t usually receive ours later than the 30th. It’s looking a little ragged, but the photo tidied it up a little.

Of course, the first thing we see here is the figurine. Many excite! I watched the Doctor Strange animated movie after they announced they were going through with the live-action, and it got a spot in my Netflix subscription. The animated movie was really cool, and I was surprised at how much I liked (and how they changed) the live-action.

Little dude came with a cardboard sleeve which gave him a background while boxed, but also looks pretty cool under him once out in the world. Another Loot Crate exclusive design from Q-fig, and I’m officially convinced they’ve moved from Pop! Vinyls over to these more detailed cartoon-style characters.

So, I imagine normal people look at things from top to bottom, therefore reading this shirt in order. Yet, somehow, both Pete and I looked at the symbol and went “wtf is that” (this is AFTER having seeing the Fantastic Beasts movie). Going back up and reading the text, I still didn’t quite get what an obliviator was (I don’t know what happened, I think it was a bad day) and had to hunt for the tag to figure out the franchise to read it again. However! Fabric is awesome, I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would, and it’s exlusive.

Game of Throooooones. Always pleased to receive something from this franchise. This time, a diary! Melisandre features on the cover (both sides) and there’sa blurb about her on the first page also. There’s also some major spoilers in the blurb so if you’re not up to date, don’t take her out of the plastic yet.

I’m excited to save her for my European trip. Excellent timing as I was recently contemplating whether to use my older nearly empty diary I bought in Thailand or buy a complete new one to start fresh.

An exclusive comic, which is just all types of hilarious. I’ve never watched this movie, never been interested, and I have to be honest, I haven’t read any of the comics loot crate sends. Do they have a comic crate yet? I think this should be left to a comic crate? Maybe that’s Nerd Block… meh.

Of course there was also the pin, an Elder Scrolls exclusive collectors pin which also has a code for Imperial Edition upgrade on PC/Mac. Pretty sweet!

I felt kinda underwhelmed when I first opened and rifled through. I think it feels like there’s not as much stuff anymore, but it’s all exclusive content which seems to be the way to go now. In the new year Pete and I will be more picky with our boxes. We have just skipped December so watching other unboxing videos will be fun.




Jelly Jet Plane

Rome is booked. The flights, the hostel, the tours. All these amazing things that are being decided, and looked forward to, and I can’t help but be jealous!

Maybe it’s because I have a friend in Europe at the moment. His instagram photos are showing the most amazing moments that I can’t wait to be a part of myself.

But maybe it’s because now that I’m getting all excited about these happenings that things are stating to pop up that I will be missing out on.

Training with xpert pole instructors. There are some potential workshops being decided on that will be here in ol’ New Zealand while I happen to be on the other side of the world! 

Game of Thrones is likely to start up again while I am away. Its usual release date of April having been pushed back a month or two, we are looking at May and June, when I will be away.

I will be missing a minimum of FIVE Chiefs games, not to mention 7 weeks of games in general, in the super rugby championship! No rugby!?

Of course, I just have to take a deep breath and think about all the things I WILL be doing and maybe I am okay.

But seriously!?

Breathe. Breathe. Colosseum. Breathe.



Plane and Simple

Over the week, there has been a Brain Think.

What is a Brain Think, you might ask. Let me tell you. A Brain Think is what happens when you’re walking to your car after work, and kidnap your colleague to stand and talk outside your car for an hour about your travel dilemmas as outlined in Emotional Baggage, and then miraculously come up with a solution. Thanks, Rahul.

All this while, I have been organising my trip around the fact that I was flying in and out of Amsterdam. Naturally, my travels were to start in Amsterdam – as that’s where I was first touching down, and that just made sense – right?

From there, it was making my way down Eastern Europe, skipping countries or not as I see fit – but all with the plan to be in Rome at least a week before I had to be back in Amsterdam. Rome is the main focus, 3 of the top 7 things I want to do are based in Rome, so of course I want to allow a decent amount of time there and also book some things in advance. This was becoming a worry because what if I hadn’t made it to Rome by the time I needed to be there – and led me into thinking maybe I should pre-book the whole trip, but that was the opposite of the wandering I wanted to do.


Brain Think: Put Rome at the start of the trip. Why this didn’t occur to me before, I have no idea. All through the previous planning, I was always going to end in Rome and fly back to Amsterdam. Why not fly to Rome from Amsterdam and start my trip there?

And from this Brain Think, everything fell into place. I was concerned about what I was going to do on my birthday, being so early in the trip and not wanting to plan these things “what if I was just riding in a train?”. Now, I’m booking the Colosseum tour to be on my birthday (thanks Mum and Dad). Weather wise – it’ll be Spring, this means that I start South where it’s warmer and follow the warmth up the continent rather than staying in the cold and suddenly finding myself in the heat of summer moving South. And, with Rome booked, I can follow my wandering wishy-washy heart wherever it wants to go afterwards. Should I find myself a week out from flying home and I haven’t yet got to Neuschwanstein Castle – well I can hop skip jump onto a plane to Germany and pop in to see it before heading back to Amsterdam.

All of sudden, a weight has lifted. Pre-booking the first 10 days and cruising from there is my calling.

Now, off to booking.