Live blog: Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life


Starting off with an excerpt from my night:

Me: They call it Fall, right?

Pete: Isn’t that what we call it?

Me: Autumn.

And so Pete describes his internal conversation, in which his brain tries to convince him that Spring is the same as Fall.

The final episode of the Netflix Original Series. 

Lorelai is going to go hiking. Because she does know nature. I’m so confused. She didn’t pack food!? Lorelai and food!

If she even starts this hike I’m throwing a tanty.

JESS is still here. Can you see I’m excited? He deserves more than Rory. 

Life and Death brigade!? Logan?? Haha, no Logan. Probably sent by Logan, but that’s better he’s not actually there.

Oh shit. Nope. Hello Logan. You’re helping everyone’s situation.

Ballroom dancers in a basement latenight. Okay. A tango club. Doris, we can change that.

Yet again, Rory is handed everything on a silver platter. And yet again she goes with being the other woman, and cheats on Paul (probably).

Australians are just as offended as being called New Zealanders as we are being called them. 

Hello Park Ranger.

Lorelai has a good story about her dad. It exists. 

Luke loves Lorelai. Luke loves Lorelai more than she deserves. There are tears.

Rory writes her book in Richards’ study. Put your hand up if you think the series will end being the telling of the story by Rory.

Christopher! Here we go… nope that was boring.

Sam! No, it’s his brother Dean! Ah, supernatural crossovers.

Sookie! She isn’t too high and mighty! Yaaaas the only role I like her in!

Emily has become the whale watcher!

A beautiful scene for their modnight wedding, but does it feel like to anyone else that Emily is about to die?

Paul broke up with Rory! What a random fucking plot line. I hate this. I hate it so much.

Well. The show ended. Suddenly. 

To the circle of life, the only way out is in a body bag.

And finally, the theme song.


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