Live blog: Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life


“I’m not back, I’m just here.” So, Rory is back, and going to start teaching at Chilton?

April is back!! Also, loving The Returned reference, nice sell Netflix. Love that show.

Rory, you are the other woman, you do not get to be mad about Logan’s FIANCE moving in with him.

Spot the Game of Thrones reference!

Oh, Rory will run The Gazette! But she’s not back. And please just tell Luke what happened to his floaty hutt.

I’m liking the pool-side scenes. Spot the next GoT reference.

Michel is my kindred spirit. Except, he is resigning to the fact that he WILL be having kids. Oh dear.

The Godfather has a quote for every circumstance. But not for Michel leaving. We are not surprised, but we are sad. Especially since Pete suggested he might be asking for co-ownership. He didn’t. I’m sad.

Emily is in a Fight Club. I wish. More likely an incredible depressive episode.

We’re working on building STARS STARS HOLLOW. And for some reason Lorelai is yet again confused by the towns sense of excitement for weird productions despite having lived here near her whole life.

Netflix has given a us a full production show of the musical Stars Hollow, A History. I’m very confused by this but then the episodes are movie length and I suppose we had to pad summer a bit considering Lorelai and Rory hate the heat. The director looks like he failed at shooting himself in the face.

JESS. And Pete starts wacking my legs in excitement. “He looks muscly.” Of course, the only person she opens up to. They click! It has to happen! But break up with Phil first. Or Peter.

A turtle and a honeybadger. A good visualisation.

Emily, constantly getting herself between Luke and Lorelai. This is where it comes out that Luke knew that she’s been going to therapy without her mother.

Rory and her fucking hunchback! Sorry Alexis. Bugging me since season 1.

And suddenly Lorelai’s relationships breakdown. There has to be a third act climax.

I don’t know what lepator is but there is a crocodile under Lane’s couch and that makes me giggle.

The director of the musical is wearing a neckbrace, did he try to hang himself?

I’m not sure Lorelai knows, Luke.
Ps, my last post uploaded and Pete burst out with “who’s Regards, Alex”. Wew.


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