Live blog: Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life


Joint therapy, here we go. “Oh, good grief.”

How much time do we have left? 40 minutes. Nope, episode is an hour and a half! Big bazookas. Lorelai, Emily played you again for another session.

Mrs. Kim! Haha your choir sucks. Basket bidding! Yay keep that tradition alive!

Jackson, and no Sookie! I’m assuming they couldn’t offer her enough money now she’s a big fancy (terrible) movie star. Sookie is the only role I’ve like Melissa Mccarthy.

Oh good, Logan is engaged so Rory is still the other woman.

A pride parade in Stars Hollows where  they need to borrow gays, this is a hilarious town meeting reprise.

Paul Anka! Haha I love these scenes. As brief and flighty as they are.

Oh, good grief. Another therapy session, of course. Trompbone Stan and you’re done. What a bi-polar relationship these two have. I think I’m over it?

Product placement! Forst I’ve noticed. Hello, Microsoft Surface. Also, why aren’t Logan and Rory actually just together? I mean, we want Jess, surely, but why this shit?

A second film by kirk. “AHHHHHHHHH.”

Let’s never go into battle together.

Fucking Rory still looking for her lucky outfit over 3 months later. Get out. Luke’s Diner Empire. Comedy gold.

Emily, you’re being expressly mean in this session. You are a mean mother.

Paris Geller has had nips and tucks. And has an empty briefcase. Still in love with Tristan!? Did we walk into 2003? Awh, Doyle.

Oh, Rory, you are going through a bad stretch. Don’t deny that. The stretch is your life.

Doyle! They email. Paris is going to have a field day. Ah, yup, there we go.

Oh, you know nothing Rory Gilmore. I can only imagine how sick you are of hearing about your New Yorker, cause good grief I am.

Real estate agent: “Call her mom.” *shakes head*

4 MONTHS LATER AND YOU HAVE ATILL NOT BROKEN UP WITH PETE, PATRICK. you deserve the shit coming at you from Sandee Says.

Get shorty!!!


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