Live blog: Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life


I get that we’ve faded from black under Lorelai’s voice over of the iconic “I smell snow”, but I am extremely upset that we fade into a scene where there is already snow covering the town. I want to see Lorelai breathe in and claim she smells snow right before the snowfall starts!

Oh wait, there we go! A little late cause there’s already snow on the ground but okay, I can deal, it’s included.


Who the fuck is Paul?

When we jumped into this, I said to Pete that I’d be so mad if Lorelai and Emily still hate each other. That in a further ten years behind the scenes they hadn’t mended their relationship, well what do you know, they haven’t.

Okay, that’s fine. I suppose anyone would have a falling out if the only thing you have to say about your father at his funeral in front of his wife are bad things. Oh dear.

Why does Luke have wifi and allowing that guy to be on his computer? Luke is giving different wifi passwords to everyone. Try: lukesDiner. Capital D, little L. This is hilarious. Luke does not have wifi.

God, all the characters are still exactly the same. I recently read an article on Gilmore Girls and how iconic the show is and how awesome it is to watch, but that the two main characters are complete eggheads. Rory being an actual awful person, but still held in the spotlight by all her peers, and Lorelai being a selfish woman who always gets her way and doesn’t think of anyone else’s wants. Pete is convincing me otherwise of that last one, she did have a pretty shitty upbringing where she wasn’t allowed to make mistakes (as burst out by her at the funeral) but is actually pretty caring for the community and her people. Meeeehhh, I suppose I’m half convinced.

Okay, so who the fuck is Paul?

Zack. Holy god Zack. Zack is the reason we do not cast adults to play children.

Aaaaand there we have it folks, Rory is still a complete shit head. She may no longer be the “other woman” as so ripped into her by Lorelai, but she now has an “other man”. Yes, it’s established that she doesn’t seem to actually care about Paul but how do you keep forgetting to break up with someone – as soon as he calls/texts/you see him you remember and then that should be it. You don’t get to TWO YEARS like that. I get it’s the running joke but it’s not funny, just illogical. And lame. But good job show to remind everyone that she’s still a shithead and a terrible person all together and still has no idea what she’s doing with her life.

Lorelai! Emily took your advice for once! Wait, no! Do not fall for that trick! No! Aaaaaand, joint therapy.


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