Emotional Baggage

Leave approved. Tickets booked. Nerves ensue.

That was the post on November 1st to sum up the realisation that I have booked and paid for flights, and the dates are now set. There is no going back.

The European holiday is pretty typical; A beautiful plethora of countries all bordering one another making travelling a breeze, all with rich history and amazing wonders. The amount of friends I have who have vamoosed, never to be seen again as they were whisked up in the brilliance of it all, and the many more who have done a tour to come home sighing over the memories – who wouldn’t want to go?

In addition to all of this, one of my passions in school (and something I went to uni for) was Ancient History. The mythology, the temples, the arenas, the theaters – all of it so fascinating. So, when I start planning my first solo travel, of course Rome is the centerpiece.

The problem with being blessed with the travel bug, is that every where seems like a good idea. Suggestions from friends of their personal experiences become the top of your bucket list along with 1,258 other things (#3 being the Colosseum) and all of a sudden you have to sit down and have a hard chat with yourself that yes you managed to score 6 weeks worth of travel but it will fly by and you need to prioritize or travel like a leaf on the wind, there’s no in between.

Herein lies my dilemma.

I have a list. I have a list of things that I really, really, really… really want to see. But that’s still too many things, spread too wide. If I did it that way I’d have to schedule my trip, and tightly. I like plans, but I don’t want to feel stuck, and if your trip is really planned down to the teeth like that feeling stuck can be exactly what happens – too afraid to deviate.

So, I prioritize. I put in bold the dreams, the things that have been in my mind since I knew there was life outside New Zealand. The typical things like Pompeii, Neuschwanstein Castle, St Vitus Cathedral or Tulip Fields in Nederlands.

And then I talk to more people, and suddenly I need to include the Mercedes-Benz Museum,  Meteora, or the Monastery of Montserrat. Slowly there are more places in bold than there were at all on the original “really, really, really, really want to see” list

The outcome? Well, I still have 172days, 9hours and 19minutes to decide that. I imagine it won’t deviate too much from the current plan: Start at point A, work your way through points B – M, and head back to A. What you do in between and the places you stay vs. move on from are completely up to you.

Though as it stands, I won’t make it out of Germany (point D) before my 6 weeks are up.




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