Loot Crate – August 2016


Have I mentioned how all the crates have interior designs that can be flipped into boxes inside-out and the artwork is super cool and makes you want to hold onto pointless cardboard boxes rather than happily recycling like the good (bad) Earthling you are!?

Well this month, the box TRANSFORMS. That’s right. Not only is there a design printed on the inside, but there were a few extra cardboard pieces in the box. When instructions are followed, the box turns into a replica Harley Quinn mallet!

PS Based on the in-mag activity, my killer codename would be Blue Bushmaster.

Harley Quinn Q-Fig


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Pop Vinyl, but with the detail and individuality that holds true to the character on the Q-Figs, I can’t say I’m upset. This particular figurine came with the speech bubble you see, which is a little whiteboard you can chuck your own phrases onto! It came with this pre-printed sticky which we haven’t yet removed, because what phrase could be more iconic?

Archer T-Shirt

I’ve been told by a lot of people to watch Archer. I have seen many a gifset pop up on Tumblr with funny clips. Alas, I have seen a great many more which don’t really match my comedy style. As it stands, I have yet to actually watch a single episode, and I can’t imagine that changing anytime soon. Into the sleeping-shirts draw this goes.

Kill Bill Socks

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I love socks, and one can never have too many. I also love Kill Bill. How does Loot Crate keep knowing how to make my sock/geek culture fantasies come to life!?

Hellboy Coin Bank


Hellboy was a cool movie. It was really weird and sometimes didn’t make a lot of sense and I think the youtube video “Everything Wrong With Hellboy In 16 Minutes Or Less” truly encompasses a lot of things that frustrates me about it. But it was cool. This is also cool. In an age where everything is cashless, and people hate carrying around coins, the rare time you find yourself with a note that ends up as change feels like a huge inconvenience. Having a place to store these until it’s enough to warrant depositing safely back into your bank account is awesome. Though, I can’t say I trust it around Pete after him admitting he raided my previous piggy bank to buy himself some V. Ah, partnerships.

Another quality over quantity Crate, definitely feeling like the longer Loot Crate runs the more spot on they get.




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