Loot Crate – July 2016


Ooohhh, this sounded Sci-Fi-y and really super cool, so I was definitely looking forward to this month. This is also my first month without pole after my AC joint injury I reference in my personal post about my shoulder. 4 months later, who knew it would still be going. Why are they such intricate stupid things.

This was also the month Kristy Sellars came to visit and hosted some workshops in the studio I teach at. Beyond exciting! However I was restricted to being the videographer only as I would be unable to attempt anything taught to us at this time (and still *crying)

Also, Pete’s birthday and the Mackelmore concert. A good month overall. Apart from the  shoulder thing.

Futurama “Planet Express” Ship Model

Another item from Q-Fig, I was very excited to take this out of the Crate. Not only were we looking at Q-Fig branding on the box, there was also the Futurama Logo. This figurine is awesomely detailed, and the base is attached via a magnet to the bottom of the ship which makes it wobble a little with movement, giving the illusion of actually flying/hovering.


Star Trek Dedication Plaque Replica Decal

A perfect affixtion to the draw on our collectibles cabinet we house all our pins in. (Which I must say have improved in quality and no longer looking like things I would or should be stuffing into a draw!) I always get nervous with things that have sticky backs. It’s such a commitment to affix something like that (says the girl who moves in with a guy, and has 3 tattoos with plans on getting more)  Anywho, I bit the bullet and decided to make use of this particular sticky.

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3″ Mega Man Red Variant Figure

Look at this cute little guy. I don’t personally play this game, never have, but it’s popular/well-known, and a rather cute figurine. An acceptable addition to the ranks.


Valiant Comics’ 4001 A.D. #1

A comic book I’ve already forgotten what it was about and where I put for “safe-keeping” Not saying it was a bad read, just that I don’t remember it. This is most likely my fault as I’m not terribly interested in comics unless they’re about something I’m already following EG The Walking Dead.

Rick and Morty Tee

Another surprise giveaway! This t-shirt was actually a really cool design and something I would have worn without feeling like I was advertising a kids show (not that this is a kids show, not that I would know, and pretending the bottom corner didn’t have RICK+MORTY plastered all over it) However, I didn’t “get it” like one of my colleagues did when I pulled it out of the box at work, so I handed it over to him. The look on his face was priceless. I love this shit.

Special Shout Out to the Pin this Month

I’ve been ragging on the pins, I know. They’re actually pretty cool if I was a pin-person, which I’m sure if I was I’d have a place to put them all. I’m hoping to eventually get the collection big enough that I can get rid of the old plastic badges that once were.





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