Loot Crate – May 2016


What’s my age again? What’s my age again?

This month’s theme is MY BIRTHDAY. Not really, but it was definitely the month of! Not as jam packed as my April month was, however it did still include a Harry Potter themed Pub Quiz, and moving into our new cosy little home.

Warcraft Shirt

Another shirt with a theme we don’r find much relevance for. I thought Pete might enjoy this as he played WOW when I first met him, and supposedly has played on and off for a few years (though hasn’t been “on” again since the beginning of our relationship) and he loves T-shirts. However, it was not to be. Again, we passed this shirt on to a friend (excellent random gifts strike again!) who I’d say would love it but I haven’t heard much since.

Hulk Q-Fig Figurine

Well. This is self explanatory. This guy is awesome. I don’t even like the hulk as a character and I was blown away by Dr Bruce Banner. I’m trying to decide if I like Q-Fig’s more than Pop Vinyl’s now. The PV’s have this cool uniformity to them, and we have so many now I’d like to continue the trend, but QF’s so far have shown awesome detail and a little bit of character (haha. get it. character.) Of course, I’m writing this in hindsight and am currently unwilling to go back and see in which order I have received these things. But they’re pretty cool too. Either way, we’re getting more frequent “quality, main figures”.

Dragon Ball Z Shenron Plush Keychain

I hate putting keychains on plushes. Or straps. Or strings so you can use it has Christmas ornaments. Just let me have my plush or figurine and do what I will. But this is Dragon Ball Z which is Pete’s area of interest, and he thought it was pretty cool. It’s hanging off the cupboard doorhandle in his computer room.

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt


The first thing I said when I saw this item was “Holy…COOL!” because I love baking. The second thing I said (which was when I tried it on) was “This is awfully thin”. This item has now been officially recalled by Loot Crate due to safety concerns as the item is not actually heat-resistant up to the temperatures reached by a standard oven. Loot Crate offered a replacement item for any mitt that had been proven destroyed. We decided to keep ours for decorative purposes and is now hanging in the kitchen above the oven.

All in all, though what felt like a small, reducing number of overall items, the items themselves were pretty sweet. 10/10 would buy again.




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