Loot Crate – April 2016


April. It was a busy month. My work sent me to the bottom of the South Island (Invercargill) for a few days to hang out in our office down there, meet the people, learn their processes, gain some trust etc. etc. That same week, when I got back, my rugby team The Chiefs (oh, some drama they have had) had a home game on a Friday night. This meant I could drive south for 1.5 hours with Pete to finally watch my babes play at home. And then after the game drive home for another 1.5 hours. Excellent.

There was also a 21 Pilots concert which I went to with some of my students and their friends, bless, and there was NZAPP and some workshops thanks to people flying in for the competition.

And then there was Loot Crate.

Labyrinth Shirt

I wasn’t sure how to feel about this shirt. Technically, it had a cool design, I guess. But it was purple which isn’t really my thing, and was all about that David Bowie, which isn’t really my guy. Same feelings as Pete, really. But, one of the excellent things about Pete being so tall and being a t-shirt, is that we could gift it to literally anyone we wanted. So, it was given away to a crazy friend who cosplayed as David Bowie once. I think she loved it.

Vikings Drinking Horn with Strap

This is an odd-one. Quality seemed very sub-par from recent crates, and took me back to the feeling I got receiving the TMNT Shredder Sunglasses in the November 15 crate. Like they’re expecting the people at the receiving end of the crates to be 12 year old boys. No. I have a direct debit set up and forms filled out that mean I am clearly at least above 18 years old. You could argue vikings isn’t a kid show, but really who is going to run around a party with a plastic horn attached to your neck that would spill at any unbalanced moment, if you’re not 12. Not happening. Sitting in the mirrored cabinet pretending to be a real prize horn instead.

Harry Potter Horcruxes Socks

These were SO cool looking at the packet. And then the horcruxes go all the way down the side of the sock to the toe, so even if you wore ankle-biter pants and low shoes, you still miss half of the print. This makes me sad. The fabric is also a little rough. Overall, always happy to have more socks, but not the best.

D20 Ice Mold

Haha! This is cool! But you can only make one at a time (obviously, it’s one mold) and I can’t imagine going through that effort if you’re not going to show it off. Admittedly, you could probably make a couple and rest in the freezer once fully set in preperation, but being a silicone mold I am most likely going to test making cakepops or just melting chocolate in these.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Not-So-Mini Poster

This poster was frustrating ’cause it was kinda cool, but also JUST bigger than posters received previously and didn’t fit in the cabinet that had ugly backing we were going to hide with all the posters we received. Then, when it didn’t fit in designated poster spot, it didn’t seem cool enough (or relevant enough, more on that) to put anywhere else. We ended up tacking it to the side of the cabinet and it hasn’t moved since then, but would probably get thrown out if we moved house. Pete and I don’t play this game, though I have been told a million times I would like and should get round to playing it. I will. One day. Maybe if I ever finish more than 4 games in my life.

If any one is curious, I have finished (in order of completion) Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (thanks mum for letting my cousins use my xbox so they could write over my saved file. Allgood.) Killzone: Shadow Fall. The Last of Us (PS4 Remastered Edition) and Heavy (?) Rain, made by the same people as Beyond: Two Souls.

I have started so many games, and have given up on nearly all of them thanks to a number of glitches (I’m looking at you, Beyond), repetitiveness (Lego games are so much fun, until they’re not),  the TV show I had been hanging out for restarted (cheers Walking Dead and Game of Thrones from Telltale Games), or just straight up boredom (I seriously have no idea what happened when I bought Evil Within. It was exactly what I expected it to be, and I don’t know why I expected to like that???)

Anywho, this ended up being about something other than Loot Crate, so back we go to the abyss.




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