Black Box – Chilled Entertainer Final Review

Natural Turkish Wraps

These were great! Full bodied, held their shape really well, and thicker than wraps I’ve been used to so less snapping/stabbing through of cucumber corners etc. I have replaced the wraps I buy with the wholemeal version of these. So good! Looking forward to seeing how they hold up as pizza bases. 9/10

Puhoi Valley Columbian Espresso Milk

I love Lewis Road Creamery Whittaker’s Chocolate Milk. Like actually adore it. It is literally the liquid form of a Whittaker’s bar which happens to be the best chocolate in the world. I tried Puhoi Valley Belgium Chocolate milk once and was pleasantly let down (I mean, really, how could anything be better than what I already loved?) I don’t like Belgium chocolate as much as some people do, a little too rich for my liking. This Columbian Espresso flavour however took me by surprise. I had a sip before passing off to Pete as I hate the taste of coffee, and noticed immediately how smooth it was. Creamy, delectable, goodness. I would love to try a different flavour of this brand now that I know I’ve just been unlucky in the options so far. 6/10 (8/10 from Pete)

Verkers Salami Slims

Omg. I knew it. These were fantastic. I have yet to find these in any of the three supermarkets I regularly visit and I’m very disappointed. I opened them for a Saturday snack and what’d y’know I had to kindly (read:reluctantly) share with Pete as he had one and buried them in his facehole just as fast as I did. Just as well, I suppose, otherwise I would have eaten them all (dem serving sizes) haha. 10/10

Wairoa Free Range Butterfly Chicken

This product expired soon after we received it. I mean, it’s raw chicken, what was I to expect? But we do our shopping on Sunday nights and I got this delivery on a Wednesday or Thursday, so when I planned to have it for dinner the week after (thinking the vacuum seal would be enough) it had goneburgers. Dumb waste of food, and I feel dumb. 0/0

Tatua Mascarpone

Yeah. I’m lazy. This is still in my fridge. It has an expiry date of February, so maybe I’ll make something with it around Christmas for my parents. Or maybe I’ll let it sit in the back of my fridge until it expires and feel guilty when I through it out. 0/0

The Coconut Collective Passionfruit Yoghurt

Vegan yoghurt! A lot of people are afraid to try vegan things because of the stigma that it will be an awful substitute and why bother when you don’t personally have the moral standing to want to change your diet. I personally fall into this category. However, if offered, I will happily shove this food into my face and give it a whirl. This yogurt, despite receiving the Passionfruit (BLEURGH) flavour, was excellent. Texture was on point, and only had a slight coconutty flavour under it all, not COCONUT IN YOUR FACE flavour. 6/10 (based on only having a spoonful due to passionfruit (for reals, yuck!)

Stoneleigh Lighter Pinot Gris

Not a white-wine drinker, as per my previous post. However, this was excellent. I’m still not sure if this was an I-needed-this thing or a you’re-really-yum thing. I left the bottle open too long after I finished up the initial review, and the wine went sour (I think) and tasted disgusting. Down the sink it went. But my memory of the initial tasting… 8/10

Monteith’s Pointers Pale Ale

As below, not a huge drinker. However, when it comes to beer, Montheith’s Golden Ale is one of my favourites so I assumed I would like this. I didn’t. It was too… heavy?… for me. I’m not sure if that’s the right description but it’s what I felt. Bleh. 4/10

Heineken Light

Yuck. Yuck yuck yuck. I never liked Heineken anyway. I’m not the biggest alcohol drinker in the world, and beer is pretty low down when it comes to it. There are a few I have found that I do particularly like (see above) but Heineken has never, ever, been one of them. This wasn’t any better or worse than standard, tasted pretty similar to me and my untrained taste buds, so I’d probably recommend it to someone who I KNEW drunk Heineken already, and had brought up themselves that they don’t know of any light beers they’d want to start drinking. But chances are people already drinking heineken are already aware of this with all the LIGHT marketing that has been happening in my city lately. 3/10

Santa Rosa Let’s Create Shredded Chicken

Ah the simplicity of pre-made chicken. I was buying perforated individual packs to take as a unit prior to trying this, however the brand and flavour I prefer (the only one worthwhile) nearly always sell out. I have just changed my nutrition plan due to not being at pole and not wanting to blow out even more than last time I was off, and this sized packet to individually portion has ended up working out for me. The chicken is always cooked well, flavoured great (semi plain so you can add more and it doesn’t taste weird, but not so much that it’s stuffy dry chicken by itself) and now works with my eating plan a lot better. Excellent stuff. 9/10

Just Hummus

Aubergine & Red Pepper. I thought this would be disgusting. I was tentative trying it (even bringing a backup flavour from home in case it was truly awful). My first tester tasted like nothing, obviously I didn’t dive in deep enough. I get a normal spread on my cracker like I would with say, oh, Lisa’s Beetroot and Cashew (honestly my fave). Still tastes like nothing. It tastes like my delicious crackers and cold, mushy, nothing on top. I got another bigger spread. All of a sudden, it kind of tastes like red pepper and cardboard. This item was bad for reasons I wasn’t expecting, and that threw me. 1/10

Tararua Dips with Bits: Classic Kiwi Onion

Another item I was so excited for. One, for the DIP aspect (YUM) and another because I didn’t get a stink flavour. Turns out, it kinda just tastes like really thick mayonnaise. I’m not a fan. I can barely taste the onion (nor can I see any “bits”!) and the consistency is completely off for dipping chips into. I went out and bought specific dipping chips (a little thicker, plainly salted) and they still broke. Not a fan. 2/10

Dairyworks NZ Edam Cheese & Rice Crackers

After much deliberation, it ended up being that I wouldn’t be buying these rice and cracker packs. They WERE delicious, but a friend commented on facebook about how bad for the environment it would be having this individually wrapped stuff all the time. I thought about it, decided I agreed, and could cut my own damn cheese and ration my crackers out to standard portion size. Though I’d keep them in mind for a picnic type situation. 8/10


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