Loot Crate – December 2015


As mentioned before, a big fan of sci-fi, fantasy, time travel stuff, I am. A little scorned over the last box, Loot Crate – November 2015, I felt a flood of relief when I saw the theme of this month.

With December being the month of release for the first of the new Star Wars trilogy, also announced were multiple stand-alone films (man Disney is really rolling it out since buying all these new franchises) I knew it wasn’t going to get better than this. Any crate that has Star Wars gear is a must for me.

Star Wars Han Solo Bobble-Head

Another exclusive Pop Vinyl from Funko. Han Solo from The Force Awakens movie, old and grey, as well as a bobble head! (See November’s review for full gauge on how cool bobble-heads are) Excellent way to open a box seeing one of these collectibles.

Ugly Holiday Sweater T-Shirt

As described above, picture those terrible (but so perfectly amazing) christmas sweater designs. Now picture one of those designs featuring some historical NASA vehicles in 8-bit winter theme. So very excellent.

Galaxy Quest Authentic Prop Replica Patch

Another exclusive, and the first of the patches I’ve received. I’ve always liked the ideas of patches – but they’re such a commitment. You want to put them on something that you aren’t going to throw out anytime soon – but perhaps not on your favourite pair of jeans you wear once a week because you weren’t THAT much of a fan. All in all, though, something to stick on the shelf until the right item comes along (perhaps the vest I’ll be putting all my pins on) – included is a authentic certificate.

Star Wars BB-8 Crew Socks

I love socks. And I love Star Wars. And I’m Dutch so really I should love orange (I don’t) but hey! What more can I say.

Halo 5 Ammo Tin Box

A lunch box shaped like ammo boxes from Halo. It’s pretty cool. Decorative as well as functional, as described by Loot Crate’s magazine, it features a military style clasp and hinges to remove the lid and store your delectable eats inside.

Also included was a Halo 5: Guardians Req Pack. Neither Pete or I play Halo, let alone own an Xbone, so unfortunately this was wasted on us. However, it fit the theme and was a cool idea. We should have given it away, but we didn’t know anyone with the console at the time.




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