Loot Crate – October 2015

One year ago. This crate I was SUPER DOOPER excited for. The theme was:


I’m very into my time-travel sci-fi fantasy TV shows and movies. If you haven’t, check out Predestination. There’s a LOT of good movies out there on the topic. But at the moment this is the one I think of when people are talking of good time travel movies.

Oh, also Looper. Always Looper.

Another common thing in the magazine is the MEGA CRATE items. Each month, ONE subscriber wins the Mega Crate. These crates total over $2,000 and include items like computers, complete blu-ray series boxsets, or larger and more intricate models of the same item, EG the Mega Crate winner from Loot Crate – September 2015 received a 13″ replica of the 1:43 scale model 1967 Chevy Impala. Oh to be a lucky winner.

Before we talk about the LOOT in this CRATE, I really would like to go over the flowchart included in the magazine: “Who’s Your Doctor?”. If you haven’t guessed, it’s to find out which Doctor suits you. I have always been an adamant Ninth Doctor fan, and this flow chart confirmed that belief for me. So, thanks.

Back to the Future Dr. Emmett Brown Pop Vinyl Figure

Now, THIS was cool. Pete and I had been looking at Pop Vinyls. They still are all the rage. Whoever sold the idea to Funko must be making a fortune because these have not died down. They’re this generations Beanie Babies. Or perhaps it’s the same generation just grown up. Anywho. Back to the future! Who doesn’t love that trilogy! This is an exclusive Pop Vinyl, meaning you cannot buy in stores – also ensuring that anyone with a vast collection already won’t have this on the shelf.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure T-Shirt

A blue, happy t-Shirt. I have yet to see this movie (I know, I know) and this was the first t-shirt we had received in this crate so we were still working with sizing. Pete and I’s theory was to get something big enough to fit him, so that depending on who actually likes the product we could both wear it. Turns out we severely underestimated our t-shirt sizes (or the brand runs small) and it only fit me. However blue is my favourite colour and the fabric is great, so not a bad outcome.

Back to the Future Part III Hoverboard Replica


I still cannot get over how awesome this is. This replica came with a certificate of authenticity and is mounted on a mirrored base for the hover effect. 5″ long, this is the real deal. THIS is what I signed up for baby.

Doctor Who Spork Utensil

This item is one of the few highly functional items we have received (that I recall off the top of my head) However, being an exclusive it is in our collectibles cabinet and not the cutlery draw. A take on the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, attached to one end is a spork. A multi-functional tool much like the sonic screwdriver itself.

An excellent crate with an excellent theme this month. One of the few 10/10 crates we’ve received where there’s not one item that makes us go “huh,stink”




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