Loot Crate – January 2016


Have I told you about the Mini Mega Crates? These are like the Mega Crate that are worth $2,000 – except they’re not worth $2,000 and therefore there is more than one of them. 15 lucky winners get a little extra goodness – like a sock bundle + plushy, Tumblers + Game, or you may be treated to one of the Limited Edition Crates!

A lot of the magazines come with flowchart questionnaires, as mentioned in my TIME crate review. What an invasion of privacy! (I told you I was raised on dry humour)

Now these next few I’ve managed to lose the magazines for. This is while we were going through a transitional phase in the housing department and I can only assume they were beamed up to an overhead UFO for probing.

X-Files Shirt

This shirt is awesome. It’s design is real eerie, just like you want an X-Files shirt to be. Unfortunately, this shirt was a little too oversized and wrongly shaped for me to be able to do anything with so off to Pete it went, and he wears it frequently even though he doesn’t like X-Files. 👽👽

Facehugger Plush

 Hahahhaha! This one made me LOL. I love plush toys and this is just amusing. It came with a yellow rubber band, which at first was just confusing, but I came to realise it’s so you can attach it to the front of your face and pretend you’re dying. Hahahha.

Here our little plush is with his friends Toothless, Evee, and Adi (pose).

X-Files LED Flashlight

A practical toy, again! This is always exciting. And we hadn’t bought a torch or candles since we realised we had none during our last power cut  (and we have had ample time to fix this). I love X-Files, as we have been over, so this was a fun little way to stock our power cut kit. It even came with batteries! 

Space Invaders Vinyl Figure

Cute! This little guy goes perfectly with the Space Invaders clock I bought Pete as a dummy gift a few years earlier (to distract from the grand prize of a Treasure Hunt to find the Dragonballs). Pretty sturdy, and cool colours. Happy, happy.

The Fifth Element Prop Replica Multi Pass

I love the Fifth Element! The multi-pass has a slot you could chuck a drivers license into if you wanted. However, a little bulky depending on how you carry your items around. I don’t imagine it would fit or be comfortable in a pocket, but it is certainly cool.

Mini Prints

The Day the Earth Stood Still and War of The Worlds. Pretty self explanatory. As pictured. Haha, I lost the booklet for this one so I can’t tell you the artist. But these are pretty swell.


A very awesome Crate this month, excellent way to start the new year!! (She says as 2016 is about to end.)




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