Loot Crate – February 2016


With The Walking Dead ringing such successes, and having such an enthralled audience – it was only a matter of time before Loot Crate took supply and demand into their own hands. Perpetuated by the release of Deadpool it was the perfect time to exact some Lucille-type battering of themed goods.

Deadpool Tacos T-Shirt

The t-shirt was excellent. It was going to be a fight between Pete and I on who got this shirt, and honestly being a red base I didnt really want it. But this month we also got a Nerd Block subscription which also came with a Deadpool shirt that never would have fit me, and this was rather small for Pete anyways. The fabric is excellent quality, again. The design is amusing in the way only Deadpool could be. And occasionally, I wear it. (Red, doesn’t go with my skin)

Deadpool Q-fig Figurine

Now THIS is cool. Deadpool getting blasted from the force of an explosion behind him. Just like in the movie, explosion courtesy of Negasonic Teenage Warhead (“What!? WHAT!? That’s the coolest name EVER!) The painting is good, the figurine is pretty lightweight but sturdy, and if you shine a light through the explosion it looks like it’s glowing. Failry awesome.

The Walking Dead Big Head Figurine

I pulled this out and was fairly disappointed. The packaging was tiny and it looked weird. It was another lucky dip item, where the packaging obscured your character. There was a 1/3 chance it could be either a Zombie, Rick, or Darryl. I opened Darryl which lightened my mood a little. The figurine is in pieces, so you get to snap together the legs, body, head, arms and item. Obviously Darryl is holding his crossbow. I can’t quite get his hands to snap onto the crossbow, so i have it kind of resting ON his arms, but the more I look at it the more I like it. The painting is extremely detailed, the hands are moulded into individual fingers, and his face really looks like Norman Reedus. It’s avtually really cool, and another exclusive.

The Walking Dead Soap-On-A-Rope
HAHAHAHAHA. That was me pulling out this final item. Remember Darryl’s necklace of ears he made when he was injured and killing zombies, lost in the woods? Do you know what soap on a rope is? Okay, put the two together and you have soap shaped like ears on a loop of rope that could be a necklace. It’s hilarious. Unfortunately, it is still in its packaging as I have extremely sensitive skin and I’m not about to test this soap out just for the shits and gigs. When the new season hits TV next week and everyone is talking about TWD again, I’ll know who to give it to. Loot Crate is excellent for gift-giving.

This Crate was an all-exclusive box, with each item not being able to be bought anywhere else. Loot Crate are continuing with the quality over quantity theme and it’s making them much more enjoyable. Looking forward to the quality of the next one!

P.S. spot the soap-on-a-rope!




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