Loot Crate – September 2015

Summon Crate

This was the first crate we purchased, I believe. We had been looking into the subscription box options for a while and this theme with Loot Crate came up – which to me shouted BUY. THIS. FOR. PETE.

Pete is my partner. We live together, and have a cat. I was allowed to name him, but Pete suggested Anakin (even though he doesn’t like Star Wars so much) He DOES however like Dota, and Pokemon, and those other things that require stuff to be summoned.

I was just glad to finally have a real excuse to subscribe.

Anywho, we open up the box and find a neat magazine. It has an about-me section for the theme, and some featured looters. There’s an interview and some activity pages as well. It’s looking good! Apparently, these are recurring features.

First, an Exclusive Die-cast Car. The 1967 Chevy Impala from hit TV show Supernatural.


Of which the show uses 7 identical cars to film with. This was 100% the perfect thing to open to. An avid follower of the show, through the low seasons and back up to date again, this got me hooked to Loot Crate. It’s a 1:43 scale (as per the mag, but looking at the outside of the box it says 1:64…) model of Dean’s baby – including the original Kansas license plates.

Next up, a Homer Simpson Golden Buddha.

Now, for anyone who knows me a little bit – I’ve probably mentioned I’m not a fan of The Simpsons or South Park or American Dad (you get the picture) I partially blame my parents for giving me this hilarious dry sense of dark humour and never letting me watch them as a kid so the nostalgia doesn’t kick in. This product seemed cheap. I’m still not sure how Pete feels about The Simpsons and Homer is definitely not fit to be a buddha.

Then comes a Pokemon Laplander Hat.

Pikachu in a beanie. Nothing can go wrong with this. Except Pete doesn’t wear beanies and I don’t personally appreciate Pokemon. It was cool though! And last winter was especially cold which lasted well into Spring, so it served him well for a time. The Pokeball baubles that hang off knitted ropes on either side are expecially cute.

Finally, Hearthstone.

2 items were given, a Foam Stress Ball (in the shape of the logo) and a Collectible Coin and Card Pack Code.

These were definitely a hit. When this crate came out, all of Pete’s friends (and some of my own) were playing Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft It sort of combines a simple game of Magic: The Gathering with the characters from Warcraft. I got into it a little bit as well, just for a fun side game. Pete and Co. made more of a habit of it. Though now in October 2016 I haven’t heard much more talk of it.

All in all – it was a good crate for us. The theme had us going from the get-go. Loot Crate were on topic getting the “current trend” items in there (Hearthstone). Add in the pop culture hook of Pikachu and the Chevy Impala, you had a recipe for success.




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