I’d like to welcome myself to my first blog post. It feels a little strange, doesn’t it, starting a blog and only having one post up?

The aim of the game is to start writing again, and when motivation is lacking why not write about what you know – your life. I can’t imagine there will be much interest, but we will see where it goes.

At this moment in time, I’m looking into starting with Loot Crate reviews.

I almost feel like I should do an about me, again. But there’s a separate page for that – honestly with little else on there. I’d hope anyone could find out more about me based on what I end up posting here. In the future, anyway.

Let’s talk about today, and right now, to start off.

Today is Sunday. My alarm went off and I hit snooze. This is mildly uncommon for me, as my body is on a pretty happy schedule doing it’s thing. I sleep for another 5 before waking up again 5 minutes before my snoozed alarm rekindles its fire.

I didn’t wake up saying “Today I’ll start a blog”. But there’s been a lot of things I’ve wanted to do lately, like see the Pole Studio I teach at thrive, and sign up to a boot-camp, and travel, and start a blog.

I always wanted to do a vlog, actually, and had a really good webcam for it. But I never knew what to talk about – and you’d have to do your hair and makeup and find that section of your house that had a nice background but still with good lighting. And who really wants to listen to my voice? Maybe I’ll do that once this gets “normal” to me.

Anyway, I get up, get ready, pack some noodles because I’m poor AF and jump in my car. It doesn’t start. Doesn’t even turn over. Not even clicking. Now a few months ago I had issues with this – but that ended up being my fault. One evening I had switched the internal lights on and never turned them off. Next morning it’s too light to see they were on and the problem, so once jump started and parked at work – the remained on all day and couldn’t be started again in the evening. Though I could see the lights still on and turned them off to come back in the morning with better jumper leads.

Thanks to my colleagues who live within 10 minutes of me for making these situations bearable.

I got to work and finished the important stuff, then kinda swindled through the less-important-in-the-scale-of-things but still equally important. I feel guilty.

And then I get home from doing the weekly grocery shop and Pete gets home earlier than usual at 8.17 and I tell him I’m starting a blog. And he tells me he’s going to start streaming, and recording some live reaction videos to the new Dragon Ball Super series.

So we’re sitting in separate rooms with doors closed so we don’t disturb each other while he talks out loud to himself and I write online to myself. Seems our interests aren’t so dissimilar after all.

Until next time.




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